10 Great Testimonial Videos to Inspire Your Tech Business

16.02.2022 Video Marketing
Molly Howe

Building a successful client relationship is similar to building any other relationship; you must invest, believe, and nurture it. What better way to do so than through a testimonial video?

Your tech business’ connections with current consumers, possible future customers, and broader society groupings are critical. These relationships, whether good or bad, are directly and irrevocably tied to the long-term success and financial wellbeing of your business. 

shaking hands
shaking hands

The tech industry in particular can benefit hugely from testimonial videos. Often tech products and services are intangible. Electronics, apps, software, internet services, and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of products within the tech industry that consumers may find difficult to visualise assisting their lives or businesses. 

Tech testimonial videos give potential consumers the confidence to consider your product or service. Growing your trust through honest and accessible user evaluations is the key to success in a world flooded with tech products and a population that is rightfully sceptical of them

Concepts behind customer testimonials can be tricky to understand, and you’re sure to have a lot of questions like these:

  • Which kind of customers should we speak with? 
  • What kinds of questions should we be asking? 
  • How can I make customers feel at ease? 

Don’t worry, we’ll get them answered for you! 

We’ve gathered a few of the top tech testimonials for you to be inspired by, you’ll be producing great testimonial videos for your tech business in no time! But first, let’s have a deeper look into what’s so amazing about them. 

What is a testimonial video?

To understand what makes a testimonial video great, you must first understand what a testimonial video is. Luckily they are actually one of the most simple forms of marketing video!

So let’s get into it…..

Of course, the most crucial aspect of a testimonial film is the testimony itself. A testimony is when an existing customer of your business discusses their positive experience in order to persuade other potential customers to try or buy your products or services.

Whether they are a B2B customer, long-time supporter, or first-time user, interviewees should express their genuine feelings about your company, product, or service. It’s difficult to find somebody who can better market your product than a happy, devoted customer, so take advantage of this and make a wonderful testimonial video.

Intercutting footage of your product or service’s top characteristics in testimonial films will assist consumers in understanding the descriptions of your interviewees. This also helps to build trust because you’re able to back up their claims with visual evidence.

filming testimonial video
filming testimonial video

Why make a testimonial video?

We personally think customer testimonial videos are one of the most effective forms of video marketing available. 

Working in the highly saturated tech industry is hard at the best of times, but it can be unbearable when your customers aren’t cooperating with your content strategy. Authentic testimonials have the ability to boost customer interaction, pulling them into your sales funnel and increasing bottom-line sales. 

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the stats. The proof is in the pudding!

Take some inspiration from these testimonial videos:

Let’s look at some amazing examples of testimonial videos and see how your tech business can take inspiration from them.

Utilise the power of storytelling like Lifelock

Capturing your audience’s attention is of paramount importance in any type of marketing video. One of the most effective ways to increase audience engagement is to tell a story. Incorporating a strong narrative into a testimonial video allows you to capture the audience’s attention more intensely and for longer periods of time. This promotes memory recall while also encouraging brand loyalty.

Storytelling is an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. In the case of Lifelock’s testimonial, their interviewee, Jamie recalls the traumatic event that led to her using Lifelock – an identity theft protection provider.  

The story that is told is worrying, viewers are forced to consider that it could happen to them. This is a marketing tactic that increases sales for the business. Audiences are told through a trusted narrator that Lifelock is able to reduce this threat and curb anxiety. 

Appeal to your audience’s emotions like Apple


Testimonial videos, unlike written reviews, allow potential customers to see past the corporate exterior of your tech business and into the human core. 

Video, more so than any other type of marketing, possesses the unique ability to change a consumer’s decision-making process. Its capacity to influence consumers is even further advanced when using techniques to increase their emotional response to the video. 

Apple’s testimonial video ‘The Device That Saved Me’ has Apple Watch users describe how the product has changed their lives. One subject explained how the watch had picked up on an impending heart attack and allowed them to seek help earlier – saving their life. 

Typical of Apple’s marketing strategy, this testimonial tugs on the heartstrings, and makes you question your own health, all whilst enticing you to buy their product. It’s genius!  

Sourcing ideal customers like Google AdWord

A great way to increase engagement is to choose to interview captivating customers. In Google AdWord’s testimonial above, Suzanne, an energetic dog groomer is the subject. Even if you don’t feel compelled towards the product, Suzanne is just too charming to ignore.

Put customers through a selection process and focus on those who you believe align most authentically with your business’s target consumers and core values.

Make your interviewees comfortable like American Express

It’s somewhat unlikely that your chosen customer for your testimonial video will have the natural charm of a movie star. 

The average person has very little understanding of video production, and the process can be extremely daunting. Make-up, lighting, crew, and unnatural sets can increase feelings of anxiety for the customer. Often this can culminate in awkward, even unusable footage that doesn’t accurately represent your brand image or their views. 

To make the interviewee feel at ease, it is best to record them in a place where they feel comfortable and confident. In this American Express testimonial, business owners are filmed inside their shops, workshops, or offices. This allows for a truly authentic performance as they describe how American Express has helped their businesses thrive.  

testimony filmed in house
testimony filmed in house

Ask the best questions like Glassdoor

Before your customer performs their testimonial, it’s a good idea to prepare them with some questions you would like them to address. 

Here are some questions we think are valuable to ask in a testimonial:

  • What was your problem before using our product or service?
  • What results have you had from using our product or service?
  • Did something keep you from buying our product or service sooner?
  • Why would you recommend it to someone who may be unsure?

Good questions generate great answers. This is clear in Glassdoor’s testimonial, the audience is presented with helpful information and convincing statistic reports.

One of the most effective ways to advertise a product is to show how it can solve the problems of customers. 

The team at Kartoffel created the above testimonial video for Paddle. A large portion of the testimonial addresses how the service solves pain points for its B2B customers.

Pain points are the problems facing both B2B and B2C clients. For example, a pain point for a customer may be that their laptop is slow and as a result, they cannot complete important tasks.

If your product has successfully solved your customer’s pain points, this should be communicated in your testimonial video. 

This can improve the audience’s capacity to relate to the testimonial speaker as prospective future customers. Viewers may think, “Wow!” That’s an issue I’m having as well, and this product appears to be able to help me!’ 

Interject B roll footage like Zoom

Zoom’s testimonial from Box is a masterfully created video in every aspect, but what I want you to focus on is the use of B-roll footage. 

B-roll is secondary footage that is used in videos to provide context and promote visual interest to help you tell a compelling story. 

Zoom interjects their testimonials with footage of Box’s office and employees on Zoom calls. It encourages the audience to form associations between the tech industry, modernity, simplicity, and Zoom. 

Using B-roll footage in your testimonial videos can help you convey a specific sentiment to your audience while also varying the visuals in the production. This makes for an altogether more impactful marketing video.

Keep it short and engaging like HP

The majority of effective marketing videos tend to be two minutes or under. Although it is less necessary for testimonials to be within this boundary, it is worth noting that shorter video lengths enhance engagement and viewers are more likely to watch them all the way through.

It’s worth remembering that 58% of viewers watch business-related videos all the way through if they’re less than a minute long. Only 24% will finish a video if it is over 20 minutes in length. 

Consider adding animation like Hubspot and Wellers

Reaction Engines for Wellers:


Attractive, unique, and cost-effective. Animation is a type of video that offers unrivalled diversity and creative freedom.

Intertwining animation with live-action footage in your testimonial film can boost engagement and accessibility. If your customer is explaining a complex topic, animation is the perfect medium to present data in digestible chunks.

Testimonial videos can even be animated in their entirety! This is especially useful when customers are perhaps not comfortable appearing on camera and would rather provide a voice-over that can be set to animation.

Here’s an example of what one might be like: 

The tech industry hasn’t yet taken advantage of the incredible potential of animation, why not get ahead of the trend curve and produce a mixed-media or animated testimonial for your tech business. 

 Let’s round up…

Most customers coming to the end of your sales funnel will have already undertaken extensive research on your product or service, compared prices with competitors, and even watched an explainer video to familiarise themselves with its features. But before a sale is final, it’s often the people and culture surrounding the product that can really sway the decision in your favour. 

Remember customers trust their peers more than anyone or anything else!

An excellent testimonial video is one of the most important aspects of any video marketing strategy, especially in the technology industry. So take inspiration from our list and create your own unique testimonial video that channels what you love about your brand!

Don’t fancy doing all the work yourself? The team at Kartoffel Films would be delighted to assist you in realising your creative vision! To learn more, please contact us.

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