Using Motion Graphics in Corporate Video Production

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

“A picture is worth a thousand words” or so the saying goes which by our calculus means a 3 minute film conveys 4,500,000 words. But don’t take it from us that video is a great communications tool – a recent report found that a page with video inset out performed a text driven page on nearly every measure.

But with so much content to convey, it’s easy to forget that there is only so much viewers can absorb. That’s why in video production it’s sometimes really useful to highlight key messages. This is particularly relevant for online video where attention spans start to drop off at 1:30 minutes, or in corporate video production and business orientated video where audiences are often particularly busy and topline messaging is in order.

This is where motion graphics can be very useful. This summer we produced a short piece for medical market research company All Global to help recruitment to its online community.

The challenge in this piece was that the audience where indeed very busy. A further consideration was that All Global operate in different markets, so international versioning in different languages to address this was necessary.

The solution that Kartoffel proposed was to use motion graphics to highlight key selling points of their community along side a voice over that would could be regionalised. For the different versions, the motion graphics would be translated and voiceovers recorded in different languages.

There were several steps in the process.

Once an overarching concept and approach were agreed, we set about casting the piece and setting up the various locations. In advance the key motion scenes where required planned and storyboarded. We decided to shoot the piece on a C500 and jib with appropriate lighting for lovely shots. On the shoot we used tracker dots on the devices in shot, enabling us to fill the screens with different language material even in moving shots in post production.

At the final stage we inserted subtle sound design and added colour grading to give the film its final touches. Since going live in numerous countries, the film has achieved excellent results with a tangible increase in member recruitment. Job done!

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