What is a Video Agency?

30.07.2015 Video Production
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

When it comes time to make a video, a video agency is your surest bet to have a quality video that fulfils all your goals. But what is a video agency? And what do they actually do?

Video Production

Put simply, video production is the process of creating a video by capturing moving images, then creating sequences and edits of these videos in both live and post-production. To create an effective video, however, there needs to be lots of strategic planning before you ever turn the camera on. You need to create a concept, organise the aspects you need to achieve your concept, set it all up, create the footage, and then edit the footage into a completed video. If this all seems overwhelming, don’t worry this is exactly why video production companies or video agencies were created.

Video Production Company vs Video Agency

Video production company and video agency are different names for the same entity. Both terms represent a company that works with clients collaboratively to produce quality and strategic videos. These two terms are interchangeable. There’s no discernible difference between them, as they both refer to the same sort of company. But what exactly does a video production company/agency do?

what is a video agency

Creative Video Agency

A video production company takes your brief to form a tangible concept for the video and implements it. Creativity is key for the video agency as they take the brief, interpret it and work with you to bring it to life. More importantly, a creative video production agency connects your ideas to a finished video. Rather than simply making a film, a video production company/agency will work in tandem with the clients to interpret the brief and create an effective promotional video that ties into the client’s greater marketing goals.

A creative video agency offers a wider set of skills that are needed to create the most effective and quality video possible. Video production companies have the experience and the expertise to positively affect the quality and effectiveness of your video. From conception to delivery and everything in between a video production company has you covered. It is a collaborative approach, where the video production company works with you to create a video that you want but that is also effective.

what is a creative video agency

Benefits of Working With a Video Agency

Going down the DIY route of video production can be quite daunting, especially if you’re just venturing into the world of video. Here are our reasons why you should consider partnering with a video agency.

1. Saves Time

The logistics of producing a video can be an overwhelming process. You need someone to write the script, film the raw footage, and edit those shots. And that’s just the beginning.

Regardless of how long or short you want your video to be, many people will be involved in its making. You’ll need to find a scriptwriter, a director, and a commercial video editor, amongst others. For a high-quality video, there’s more to it than a smartphone camera and a tripod.

A video agency has a whole host of people who are experts in their field of video production. By partnering with a video agency, you’ll save precious time in searching for the right people to undertake your project. They will have the best people in mind to bring your vision to life. A video agency will scout all of the relevant cast and locations. This will also save time on finding the people and places at the forefront of your visuals.  

Saves Time
Saves Time

2. Saves Money

Video production doesn’t have to be an expensive process. The prices of each component can lead to astronomical hiring costs. Depending on what you want your video to achieve, you might need to reconsider going solo and work with a video agency. 

Clarifying your budget with a video agency will give them an idea of what scope to work within. They will usually give you a total cost that includes all of the necessary cast and crew. Therefore you won’t need to worry about tightening your purse strings even more. Different video agencies have different rates. It’s therefore beneficial to compare at least three of them to gain a clearer insight into how much you can invest in your video production. See what services they offer to fully understand how far they will take your budget. It’s also worth bearing in mind that live-action and animated video content have different costs. 

3. Technical Expertise

The video production process poses all kinds o technical challenges. From the right kind of camera to the specifics of editing software, the technicalities of producing a video can be quite confusing. Video production requires all sorts of equipment and, most importantly, someone who knows how to operate them. If this is your first ever video, it’s especially important to have someone who understands the technology. This kind of knowledge is the difference between a high-quality and a poor-quality video, so it pays to have the right technical experts.

A video agency knows all the ins and outs of such high-tech equipment. Be it lighting, lens or special effects, a video agency has experts in every aspect of producing a video. You don’t need to worry about filming the wrong shots or accidentally editing out scenes you want to keep. With a video agency, you’ll be more in control of the overall production and outcome of your video.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

4. Marketing Objectives

Videos don’t just have a creative side. Video also has the power to drive results. You’ll need to have a thorough understanding of SEO, social media, and analytics to know what your marketing objectives are. As more and more online users flock to video content, it’s important to ensure your video boosts your online presence. Whether you want more product sales or social media followers, a video marketing expert will help you create an effective video. There’s no point in using sophisticated animations and motion graphics if they won’t deliver the results you want.

A video agency doesn’t just have experts in filming, lighting and video editing. Everyone in a video agency knows the significance of producing a marketable video for a brand. They ensure that every piece of footage aligns with your brand’s core values, increasing brand visibility and strengthening your relationship with potential clients.

At Kartoffel Films, we also provide a spot analysis of your existing content. We examine the metrics of your existing content to see how we can improve your content marketing strategy and enhance any future video content. This will give you a clearer picture of how well your content is resonating with your audience. As a result, you’ll know how best your brand can connect with your customers through better marketing methods. 

5. Storytelling Skills

Every video tells a story. Whether you want to show the people at the heart of your company or introduce a new product, telling an effective and original story will engage more viewers. For this, you’ll need someone who understands the art of writing a compelling script in tandem with the right visuals you want for your video. Scriptwriting can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a novice and need some guidance. This can also take up a huge amount of time if you can’t find the right words to convey your key message.

A video agency will have scriptwriters at hand, ready to take on this crucial component of producing your video. They will know exactly how to structure your narrative that’s true to your brand voice and the values you want to promote. Different target audiences, video styles and businesses all have different requirements, meaning each has a unique set of words to serve their video’s purpose. Partnering with a video agency will help you devise an engaging script and polish your storytelling skills. 

Storytelling Skills
Storytelling Skills

6. Types of Videos

Depending on what you want your video to achieve, there’s a whole host of different types of videos to choose from. Explainer videos, testimonials and documentaries all have specific requirements. Thinking about your video’s purpose will help you decipher the kind of video content you need, but the range of styles can be very overwhelming. What’s the difference between brand and promotional videos? How do you know which is best for your marketing goals? How do you choose?

By discussing your project brief in more detail, a video agency will know exactly which video type will work best. They will also know the key components and structure of the video type you want. The type of video affects everything from the script to the footage. Knowing which type of video is best suited to your video’s aim and marketing goals will clarify all of these elements. It’s very easy to get lost in the world of video content marketing, but a video agency will guide you in the right direction. 


Partnering with a video agency eases the burden of making a video for your company off your shoulders. They’ll have all the technical, scriptwriting and marketing experts at hand, as well as all the wisdom needed to produce a video fit for your brand. We can make video work for you, not the other way around. With over 2000 videos, both animated and live-action, we can sort all of the logistics associated with your brand video, meaning no hassle or stress on your part. Still interested? Give us a call to get our creative partnership started.

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