3 Benefits of Using Video to Communicate with Patients

01.06.2020 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

The healthcare sector is constantly and rapidly evolving, and a big contributory factor to this is technology – not just by way of automation but also in how medical providers can communicate with their patients. Many areas concerning health and wellbeing are often sensitive subject areas that are confusing to navigate through and, more often than not, the more serious the problem, the more complicated and daunting a trip to the doctors can get. Having those conversations aren’t easy, but technology has the power to replace even some of the most sensitive conversations required and, in turn, provide a better solution for both doctor and patient. 

communicate with patients using video

1. Accuracy & Clarity

Professionals will spend years studying and training in order to understand practical medicine, but you then must then be able to convey this knowledge to your patients in an easily digestible way and in a relatively short space of time. 

So, it can be a lot of pressure to explain and inform your patients on health issues, complicated medical procedures, or aftercare. Especially when some patients will find it difficult to accept or understand their situation.

Using video content will help you to standardise long-winded and detailed patient information, providing a guarantee that every patient is fully informed end-to-end with medically accurate information every time. Video can also utilise large amounts of visual references such as diagrams, flowcharts, and infographics. This will enable a sound understanding and provide further clarity for those that may struggle to absorb information through conversation alone.

2. Convenience & Sensitivity

At times, what you discuss with your patients can be difficult and distressing. Terminal illness, transplants, amputations or loss of senses are just some of the life-changing or fatal diagnoses that thousands of patients receive every day, and taking it all in can be overwhelming when sat in a doctor’s office. By making medical information available to your patients in a digital format such as video, sensitive subject areas can be addressed in a way that provides reassurance and comfort while still maintaining accuracy and consistency. It will also enable them to re-visit information again and again, in their own time and pace and on any device. 

Video content can also be a more convenient option for many healthcare providers and professionals as well. By communicating customary information through a more automated method such as video, you can refine and personalise the time you spend with your patients. In most cases allowing for shorter patient wait-times and more productive services.

3. Adaptability and Longevity 

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, we know that information provided will need to evolve too in order to remain accurate. Over time, the re-purposing and re-printing of paper-based information can be labour-intensive and costly, often leading to stacks of outdated information booklets and pamphlets gathering dust in the back rooms. Digitised content allows you to revise and adjust medical advice and information on a continual basis giving your content longevity.

Digitised content is also far more accessible than that of pamphlets or booklets. The healthcare sector will naturally converse with patients that possess a wide scope of medical and physical needs. Video grants you the ability to cater to all, often presenting information using presenters, actors and spoken dialogue, text, diagrams and motion graphics and also utilising subtitles if needed.

communicating with patients

Whether it’s a step-by-step guide to a medical procedure, a hospital promo, or patient aftercare advice, video allows your patients to build trust and confidence in you when dealing with their health concerns. You can also be sure that the medical information you deliver to your patients will always strike the right balance of clarity, professionalism, and sensitivity no matter what the topic.



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