Cancer in the Work Place, Training DVD

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Running a business can be challenging even with just the ‘normal’ ups and downs related to it, but what if life throws something as unexpected as an employee’s cancer diagnosis at you, or one of your employees suddenly becoming a carer for a cancer patient?

Thanks to the likes of Macmillan Cancer Support, cancer patients and their families and friends have a multitude of excellent resources available for help along their cancer journey. Useful advice specifically aimed at employers however is much harder to come by. To address this, Macmillan commissioned Kartoffel Films to produce a comprehensive DVD split into 5 individual sections also downloadable from the web that clarifies a vast range of questions employers may have when one of their workers has been diagnosed with cancer or is caring for someone with cancer. What does their diagnosis mean for the business? What are the financial implications, how do you communicate with the other staff and the patient? In the worst case, how do you deal with bereavement in the workplace? What can employers do to help their employees whilst making sure the business survives? What, if you as the employer are diagnosed? And what is the legal situation with cancer in the workplace?

Kartoffel Films crews spent much of the last months travelling across the country, interviewing managers, financial and legal advisors, healthcare professionals, cancer patients and many others for this comprehensive piece of information. With so many interviewees and so much content to cover, this was a large scale project with complicated logistics and a tight schedule. One of the toughest tasks lay in editing the footage, as so many of our interviewees had so much to tell us we could have easily made a feature length film. Edited together at just under an hour, split into digestible chunks, the films are an excellent resource and will hopefully make a real difference. If we say so ourselves, our crew members did a fantastic job at pulling it all together and we are confident the films will become an indispensable source of advice to employers.

Kartoffel Films has a lot of experience in the charity arena, we work with some of the biggest charity brands in the UK.

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