Training Video Production – Introduction

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

I was asked a few years ago about the merits of using video for training and development, a lot of HR, Training and Communications professionals would have undoubtedly highlight the economy of scale. Video can be broadcast to unlimited audiences, all over the world, and at their leisure.


However – as interesting online training video production techniques become more and more accessible, but affordable, film can, and should, be adopted as a truly creative and engaging component to training and development. A blended approach to training and development will guide users through a journey of learning that can entertain, teach, prompt interactivity and ultimately make a memorable impact.

There a whole variety of approaches you can take using film in training: documentary style & didactic videos; animation and interactive modules; fictional and scripted scenes. Graphics and voice over can instruct; prompt response and reflection or simple provide the narrative to a story.

In my 12 years experience of scoping and designing training and communications programmes for a variety of industries – the best use of film was concise and clear. Using a creative approach and compelling communication highlights the key learning point; engages the mind, and captures the imagination. This is what makes the training memorable and longer-lasting. This may be introducing a fictional character as teacher and guide, or a series of vignettes with interchangeable outcomes, that were divined by the user.

creativity of approach can really be applied to any training application. Involve the user and they won’t be able to miss it – like an episode of Masterchef, or a Danish crime series, you will make them want more!

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