Using video as a recruitment tool

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


Looking for the right people to join your company is worth investing a little time and getting it wrong can be costly.

So what are the dangers? A danger of underestimating the importance of recruiting people who will complement and enjoy your company culture.

As more and more companies recognise and embrace the promotion and celebration of their culture – brand identity, language and culture, so video can be used to great effect when recruiting into this culture.

Video will give applicants a much greater insight into this culture and identity than just a newspaper advert, or website.

Digital video can be broadcast via a range of platforms, such as your website – and tell your story.

Vox pops from current employees, a inside-view of the working environment, a look at your service offering, what does it feel like to work there, and what are the opportunities and rewards.

Video can give a human face to your business, and can influence potential employees.

And of course – remember the video content can often be reusable (I refer back to my blog on video as a marketing tool.) You can reuse content and add to it for induction and training materials – this will guarantee consistency of message, and brand, and show absolute integrity to the brand message. This demonstrates a commitment to the key messages, and that they are not simply recruitment spin!

Educational bodies have been using video for some time to attract students – paving the way for recruitment videos.

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