60 Days of Working From Home – What Did We Learn?

26.06.2020 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Day 1

We’ve all been there: at the beginning of lockdown, we had great plans for what to do with all the extra time each day from not commuting. Without overcrowded tubes and busses, without traffic jams, we’d be so much happier, content, and balanced. Who knows we might even get that fitness/yoga/baking / <insert favourite aspiration> routine going we’ve been thinking about for a while.

Work was also fun. Over Zoom, we could peek into the private spaces of our colleagues and clients, get to know their kids and pets. And when it got too much, getting out of a conversation was always easy, just a click on the ‘leave’ button. Those were the early joys of working from home.

Day 6

OK, now we’ve got the hang of this. Why wasn’t life always this easy? With a bit of practice, we were now also able to get in a bit of exercise during a work Zoom meeting, or to do a bit or sourdough recipe research alongside doing actual work – no one was watching. Oh, the healthy new selves we’d be: only the most amazing home-cooked meals and baked goods, hours of exercise every day. Amazing!

Working from home Video

Day X

OK, things are beginning to wear a bit thin. We’ve had our share of poorly lit jittery video calls with broken sound, or zoom birthday parties with 40 strangers where no-one actually can talk to anyone. With all of this going on, who has the energy to exercise and bake? Thank god for your instant noodles.

Working From Home

Good video quality makes a difference

So, yes we had a bit of fun in the office with this video. Your actual remote working experience may have been different, but among the many things we’ve all learned is how soul-destroying poor online video can be. The sound, the lighting, the resolution, the colours. These and many more factors are what we as online video experts pay attention to. It’s second nature to us, and it makes a huge difference to how professional a video turns out to be – and thus how successful and impactful it will be.

Over the lockdown, everybody has been exposed to vast quantities of the poor video in video calls, so there’s now more awareness for the importance of quality video.

And of course, there’s now more need for online video as more and more activities have moved online, some of them permanently. We are experienced in creating a huge number of different video formats, from short social media clips to full-length lectures and virtual conferences. For all of these, we take great care with sound, lighting, recording, post-production, motion graphics, animation films, and more. 

Quality videos made simple 

By the way, the little fun video above took us less than a day to put together, from recording to post-production. We shot it in our office with mobile lighting and backdrop.   Shooting with a mobile backdrop is a simple and versatile way. we at Kartoffel Films have produced content for our clients.  We have produced a blog showing how simple it is, you can see it here.  So even in times of social distancing, it’s easy to produce a great quality video. We even ship cameras to our clients so they can self-record (with us directing the shoot remotely), where needed. 

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