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27.04.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Video can be highly effective at delivering your message and connecting with your audiences. But when you do not account for accessibility you limit your potential reach. From the film above, you can begin to understand some of the barriers that people with impairments or disabilities face everyday. With almost 10 million disabled people in the UK alone, accessibility videos can connect you to a much wider audience.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility in terms of video, is producing your video in a way that ensures that all members of an audience can access the video’s content. This is especially important online. Many people enjoy the internet as the impact of disability is drastically changed. The internet removes many barriers to communication that are apparent in the physical world. An accessible video is one that any person can watch and understand, regardless of impairments or disabilities.

Why accessibility matters

Online information is increasingly essential to our everyday lives, and with the impact of online video only growing, accessibility matters. In fact, over 65% of internet traffic today is associated with video, and that is only expected to grow. This makes accessible videos essential for equal access to information online.

Accessibility videos give people with disabilities or impairments the opportunity to engage, learn and share information much easier than they can in the physical world. By creating an equal opportunity for them to engage with your video, you give individuals the freedom to access your message at their own pace and in their own time. Through accessibility videos, you empower people to participate and engage with your video and your messages. Accessibility does not only ensure social inclusion, it also can have tangible benefits for your organisation as well.

Benefits of Accessible videos

Apart from the empowerment benefits to those with disabilities there are a great deal of benefits for organisations who account for accessibility. Videos that include captions can double the number of people who will finish your video. Moreover videos that include a transcript tend to give a greater ROI than videos without. Through these accessibility features you give your entire audience multiple opportunities to engage with your message.

Regardless of impairment or disability, it is imperative that the person watching your video is able to completely understand the message. By accounting for accessibility therefore you ensure that your entire audience has multiple methods to facilitate an understanding of your message. This not only increases your videos completed view count, but it can also affect your search ranking. Search engines, such as Google, now take into account accessibility and give higher rankings to those that account for it. This makes accessibility videos a worthwhile investment, as search rankings can determine how many people visit your website and how long they stay on it.


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