Big News in 360 Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

360 video

Facebook made some big announcements this week that will have big implications for video marketing and how you approach 360 video. At their annual F8 event, Facebook announced that it will help support a seamless 360 degree video experience for everyone. It will do this by open-sourcing their design for both a 360 degree camera and for a software that stitches together the footage.

By making the technology freely available to others, Facebook hopes to make 360 degree video more prevalent and accessible much faster. This move will allow anyone to produce or improve on Facebook’s designs. These future developments will hopefully improve on 360 videos accessibility both technologically and financially.

Facebook’s original design for Surround360, their 360 degree camera, uses off-the-shelf components and costs around $30,000 (approx. £21,000). This is not exactly affordable for most people. Yet through open sourcing their designs, others can improve on Facebook’s designs and its affordability.

The advancement in 360 video footage software created by Facebook will also help with the accessibility of 360 degree videos. Their software greatly reduces the time and skills needed to stitch together the 360 footage into a seamless shot. Hence reducing the post-production time and improving the experience for those with amateur camera skills.

This improved accessibility, affordability and ease of use will create more 360 video content, and more users. Through creating greater access to 360 video technology, Facebook is supporting a dynamic and emerging community that want more from their media. Facebook is working to eliminate barriers to 360 degree video and this is good news.

By creating a more accessible process for 360 video, Facebook is able to encourage use of 360 degree video and virtual reality. This increased prevalence of 360 video will create a new medium to communicate with audiences, and a more dynamic way for them to connect with your brand. Moreover the resulting increased use of 360 video will help familiarise your audience to 360 video, making it a more viable and effective means of communication. This prevalence will expose more people to 360 video and make the 360 video experience easier for the audience to use and understand.

360 degree video is your opportunity to bring a story to life in new ways. You can engage your viewers in your brand and immerse them in a unique experience. This creates memorable and valuable connections with your audiences. Charities in particular can take advantage of 360 video and use it to show audiences a new perspective on the charity and the work it does. Through 360 degree video you can show audiences in an authentic way the real benefits of the work you do.

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