Call to Action Marketing Tools You Need

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


Video call to action

With video you can do more than solely engage your audience, you can inspire them into action. The nature of video is emotionally engaging for audiences. A video call to action is your opportunity to draw audiences in, connect them to the narrative and motivate action. When done effectively, this connection can be similar to the way audiences experience films. If your video manages to connect with audiences on that strong a level, your video has a captive audience who are engaged in your messaging. Don’t waste this opportunity, make sure you have a call to action for your audience in order to get the best ROI from your video.

Call to action video

A call to action is an instruction as to what the audience should do next. It is your instruction/encouragement/prompt to the audience for a particular response. This is your chance to tell audiences what you want them to do as a result of watching your video. You’ve engaged and connected with them, make sure that you tell them how to act on those emotions. For example, if the purpose behind your video is to fundraise for your charity then your call to action would be for the audience to donate. Otherwise you would have engaged them in your cause, without fulfilling the purpose behind the video

Video optimization

Be careful that your video is not solely about your call to action. Audiences are turned off by overt sales pitches. So focus on your audience and deliver a message that they will connect with. It is good stories that engage and connect with people. The challenge thus is to integrate your call to action with a good story that matters to your target audience.

Your call to action has to be specific and clear. Make it as clear as possible for the audience to follow your call to action.  You want to make it as easy as you can for the audience to fulfil your call to action.Make it easy for them, tell the audience exactly what you need them to do so they can achieve your call to action.

Increase ROI

By clearly communicating to audiences as to what you want them to do, you are able to increase ROI of your video. When you create a video there should be a defined purpose/objective behind it whether it is to increase awareness or donations. However if you do not clearly communicate to the audience how they can act on your video than you will not accomplish your video’s objectives. This is where including a call to action makes a significant difference. A call to action is your chance to tell your audience exactly what you need from them to increase roi for your video and achieve your video’s objectives. A call to action marketing benefits are there for the taking.