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02.06.2023 Video Production
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

At Kartoffel Films, we see digital accessibility as a necessity, not an afterthought. We pride ourselves on championing inclusivity, ensuring our video content doesn’t just inform, but also invites every viewer in. 

In our latest project, we had the chance to pair our passion for video production with our commitment to inclusivity, crafting a powerful video series that advances digital accessibility.

Client Overview: Pioneering the Web’s Future with W3C

Picture the internet as a complex, interconnected network of information. It’s a platform that evolves constantly, influencing lives worldwide. But who guarantees its seamless functionality for every user? Enter the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Founded in 1994 by internet visionary Sir Tim Berners-Lee, W3C is a global collaborative that curates open web standards, facilitating user-friendly navigation and information accessibility. More than a web custodian, W3C pioneers the future of the internet, driving a journey towards a more inclusive and innovative digital experience.

The Challenge: A Six-week Sprint to a Multifaceted Video Series

Our task was to create 20 succinct videos, each around three minutes long, plus three compilation videos – all before a deadline just a week before Christmas. This left us a challenging six-week window to execute the project from concept to delivery.

The project had unique elements, like casting a diverse ensemble of 23 differently-abled actors, integrating accessibility from the project’s inception, and working with a committee of stakeholders from the client’s side. This undertaking called for and demanded our full range of skills – creative ingenuity, sensitivity towards diversity, tech savviness, and impeccable communication.

The Challenge was accepted with gusto!

Approach & Strategy: Creativity and Inclusivity at the Heart

Our approach was anchored in innovation and inclusivity, aiming to create content that connects with diverse audiences. In a fully-equipped accessible studio, we crafted a dynamic storytelling environment that integrated the following key elements:


Video Production Company
Video Production Company
  • Art Direction: A Kaleidoscope of Colours

We championed the power of simplicity. By utilising vibrant backdrops and a minimalist, stylised set, we developed a mise-en-scene that was visually striking while keeping the spotlight on the actors and the storyline.

  • Set Design: Crafting a Visual Story

Every location or setup was meticulously and thoughtfully designed to stimulate compelling storytelling. With our studio as a blank canvas, we orchestrated a dynamic transformation. building from scratch a professional basketball court, a city bus stop, a buzzing café, an open-plan office, and more. Each setting breathed life into the script, bringing the words to life on screen and adding depth to the content.


Prop Set
  • Framing: Merging Visuals with Digital Props

We carefully framed the live action visuals to seamlessly incorporate digital props supplied by the client. This was crucial to create an immersive viewing experience, maintaining a harmony between live action and digital components.

Our Creative Strategy Rationale

Our team’s approach was guided by a methodology that prioritised elements crucial to both our client and us:


Creative Video Production Company
Creative Video Production Company
  • Championing Diverse Representation

We wanted to steer clear of socio-demographic stereotypes, creating an environment where viewers from all walks of life could relate and see themselves represented. Our approach was designed to be universally appealing, eliminating distractions and focusing on inclusive storytelling.

  • Boosting Credibility

Our focused minimalist approach allowed viewers to concentrate on the content and message, thereby enhancing its credibility.

  • Fostering Longevity

The visual design of our videos was intentionally timeless. Not confined to any specific era or trend, this style confers a longer shelf-life on our films, providing our client with a durable template for future content.


  • Catering to Social Media Consumption

Given the dominance of digital platforms, our videos were designed for comfortable viewing on both desktop and mobile devices, and adaptable for any social platform, ensuring versatile and universal accessibility.

  • Prioritising Time and Cost Efficiency

Operating from a single location for the shoot duration led to a streamlined and cost-effective process. The studio setup was conducive to fast-turnaround filming and was fully accessible, enhancing overall creativity, productivity, and efficiency.

  • Promoting Creativity and Agility

Our studio-based approach allowed us the flexibility to adjust our art direction during pre-production and production. This facilitated more time for collaboration with our client, ensuring the right visual design for each backdrop, space and scene.

In essence, our creative strategy was not just about producing visually stunning videos, but also about promoting diversity, authenticity, and inclusivity. It reflected our commitment to creating content that not only entertains but also educates and engages viewers, driving home the importance of digital accessibility.

The Pre-Production Phase: Establishing the Blueprint for Success

We began by refining the scripts. A strong script is the backbone of any successful video production, and with our client’s initial scripts, we had a robust foundation to build on. We collaborated with the client to enhance visual narratives, finesse transitions, elevate performances and seamlessly integrate elements both in camera and digitally that amplified the storytelling while ensuring accessibility.

Simultaneously, we undertook the important task of assembling a large diverse cast that could genuinely reflect the video’s intent. Kartoffel Films, leveraging our extensive network of talent agencies, successfully recruited a range of actors from various ethnic backgrounds with a broad spectrum of dis

Navigating the waves of creativity, our dedicated production squad wove together in tandem all the required logistical elements. This included rallying a highly skilled crew for a marathon 5-day shoot, orchestrating the timely arrival of props at the studio, and masterminding early morning travel during national rail strikes. The fortnight of pre-production was a whirlty, a true embodiment of teamwork. Yet, our producers led the charge with grace and precision, flawlessly executing every aspect.

The Production Phase: Lights, Camera, Accessibility!

Armed with polished scripts and a talented, diverse cast ready to perform, we embarked on the exciting journey of the production phase. Capturing each scene with meticulous care, we aimed to create a seamless filming experience that effectively bridged efficiency and ignited the spark of creativity throughout the shoot.

Over the 5-day shooting schedule, our crew exhibited the tenacious passion and adaptability that is Kartoffel Films’ hallmark. Each scene, each frame was crafted with accessibility and creativity as central considerations. Be it provisions for sign language interpretation or wheelchair access, every actor’s comfort and sense of inclusion were our top priorities. This attention to detail underscored our commitment to making every member on set feel respected and valued.

The Post-production Phase: Amplifying the Audio Visual Experience

As soon as the cameras stopped rolling on the first day, our post-production wizards stepped up to weave their magic. This phase was all about transforming the raw footage into a captivating visual narrative, underscoring the invaluable message of digital accessibility.

Considering the daunting deadline and an array of deliverables, we assembled a robust team of ten of our finest editors. They meticulously shaped the narrative flow, weaving together disparate video clips into a seamless whole. The story’s potential for impact and accessibility remained our guiding light, with the incorporation of captions and audio descriptions to expand the message’s reach and resonance.

As each video draft took shape, we invited feedback from the committee, presenting the evolving narratives for their review and approval. Throughout this process, our team’s hallmark flexibility and responsiveness ensured we were always open to suggestions and changes that could further refine and perfect our final delivery.

The Delivery Phase: Making Accessibility Tangible

Upon receiving final approvals, we prepared the videos in a variety of resolutions and formats, ensuring compatibility with different platforms. Each video was delivered with the accompanying caption and audio description files, fully primed to promote the important cause of digital accessibility.

And the icing on the cake: we not only delivered this monumental project on schedule and within budget, but we also found the time to celebrate the festive season with our annual Christmas party. Talk about a holiday miracle!

Wrapping Up 

At Kartoffel Films, our passion extends beyond crafting mesmerising visuals; it’s about shaping content that’s accessible and inclusive. This project provided a canvas for our creative expression, reinforcing our dedication to digital accessibility. We infused a variety of video styles, prioritised accessibility features, and included a richly diverse cast of actors with disabilities. The outcome? A series of films that truly personify digital accessibility.

The journey was certainly challenging, but the view from the summit was extraordinarily rewarding. It showcased video’s potential as a powerful agent for change. As we continue our quest for broader digital inclusivity, we’re eager to channel our creative prowess, expertise, and enthusiasm into more such transformative projects.

Keep in mind, the path to true digital accessibility is more than ticking off compliance requirements. It’s about fostering inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and ensuring that the digital world is a fair space for everyone to navigate. We take pride in being pioneers on this transformational journey, and we invite you to join us in setting a new standard – where digital accessibility is the norm, not the exception.

Video Production Team
Video Production Team

Remember, the journey toward inclusivity begins with accessibility.


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