Charity Promotional Videos

03.06.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Promotional videos are not solely about selling more products. They can also promote an organisation as a whole. This is what also makes them an effective tool for the third sector. The purpose behind promotional videos to to encourage an audience to invest into your organisation, and this is applicable to charities too. Charity promotional videos can be a great way to engage your audience in the importance of the work you do and motivate them to invest (time, money, etc) into your charity.

Here are some of our favourite charity promotional videos:

Amnesty International

It is so easy to dismiss the difference you can make as an individual. Yet one person can make an incredible difference, which is what this film communicates by promoting their Write for Rights campaign.


This film opens with the relatable visual story of a child playing with their imagination. Her world is quickly shattered in an instance, just as it is for ocean life. This film makes a strong impact by promoting the issue of destructive fishing and inspiring the audience to act.

The Gift of Water

Speaking directly to the audience, this film shows how access to water can affect your life. Through connecting access to water to many other pertinent issues, this film illustrates how the simple gift of water could make a difference.

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