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08.07.2016 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


The value of video to your charity cannot be understated. Currently over 60% of internet traffic is video, with that expected to reach 80% by 2019. Charity video production is vital to reaching your audiences and connecting with them. Animation can be a great tool for charities; it allows you to share your key message within an entirely customisable world. This creates an effective means of communication with your audience that will capture their attention and engage them.

Why animation?

Both live action and animation can be effective tools for charities, but which to choose depends on your particular project. With animation you can customise every detail of the world you see on screen. This ensures that each detail communicates your message, and the film is perfectly tailored to your charity. This also makes animation an effective tool to frame a complex topic in a simple and visual way that encourages understanding.

Where to start with charity animation

Once you’ve decided on animation, your journey is not over – its just begun. Here are a few steps to help you create an effective and engaging charity animation:

Know Your Audience

You should always be thinking of your target audience, and what is the most effective channel to communicate with them. There are many different animation styles, and your audience should determine what style you choose. Different styles will appeal to different audiences.For example you would select a different animation style for young cancer patients than you would for pensioners.  So carefully consider your audience, and what animation style would best communicate your message to them.


When it comes to animation the storyboard phase is incredibly important. It is your chance to visualise what your animation film will look like, and your last chance to make inexpensive changes to the film. Once the animation starts any changes will be time-consuming and expensive. So make sure that the storyboard is as detailed as possible, and that you are happy with every aspect of it.

First Few Seconds

The first few seconds of your animation film are crucial. They decide whether your audience keeps watching or not. So you want to make sure that the first few moments of your animation film are captivating and dynamic. This is even more important if you plan on promoting your film through social media. Facebook for example auto-plays your videos, but it does so without sound. So the first few moments need to operate without sound and engage your audience quickly. Make sure your opening moments are attention-grabbing and engaging.

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