Video E-Learning Practices to Benefit Your Business

06.04.2020 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Gone are the days where we have to interact with real people, in a building, at a scheduled date/time, to develop skills and gain information. Like how video killed the radio star back in the 80s, video e-learning is doing a hell of a job today; bringing down the classroom. All it asks of you is a half-decent internet connection and a device of your choice – whether that be a smartphone, laptop or iPad.

Why is Video E-Learning Important for Your Business?

E-learning is the star of our times and businesses are now looking for increasingly innovative ways to reach their employees, clients and consumers through just the humble audio-visual medium. Don’t believe us? The data speaks for itself, online learning for companies grew by an eye-watering 900% between 2001 and 2017. We’d like to see how COVID-19 bumps up those numbers in the coming months.

And the great thing is; whatever your business, regardless of your sector, e-learning can be adapted for you and the opportunities are endless, even amidst this coronavirus crisis.

Here are just a few e-learning video examples you can implement to elevate your company and employees.

e-learning video production

Online Courses: E-Learning Videos to Help Your Team

Need to upskill your employees? Want to reach your consumers with some handy How-To tips? Then producing a step by step video could be the perfect way to achieve this. Now this doesn’t just have to be a person speaking directly to camera, listing information to your viewers. Though in some cases this is the most efficient way to achieve your e-learning needs. However, we’ve also found that clients like to sometimes incorporate stylised motion graphics, animated video elements and dramatic reconstructions to increase engagement and overall quality of their videos.    

Having a great online course to distribute is just the beginning! Ever been late for class? E-learning fits within the most fashionably late among us. Ever missed what that instructor was saying? Watching e-learning videos online allows you to pause and rewind as much as you want. Ever loved a particular teacher? Watch that teacher again and again for years to come – because that’s not creepy at all!

What’s not to love about e-learning video production? 

Digitalise Your Staff Handbook: Add Video Elements

We’ve all had that first day at a new job where the first thing we’re asked to do is read a 50-100 page document called ‘The Staff Handbook’. This document is filled with vital information about the work practices and culture of your company and you want to ensure that your newly hired staff member absorbs every molecule of it going forward. So why give them Ulysses? Most people would much prefer the movie version. By adapting your staff handbook into a watchable guide of ‘what’s life like here‘, you will be able to implement more personality, more brand awareness, more key messaging, whilst also allowing your staff to understand the subtext behind your words.

Video production for your e-learning modules could be a real game changer.

video e-learning examples

E-Learning Video Conference In Your Armchair

In-person conferences and socials are a great way to boost team morale, increase individuals networks and distribute information on a grand scale. However, they can also be very costly, a logistical minefield and not necessarily beneficial for the time-poor. Which is why virtual gatherings are becoming a great alternative. All people need to do is log in to the platform of your choice and they can receive all the benefits of a traditional professional event and still ‘get home’ in time for dinner. And your itinerary can look very similar to your usual event, the only difference is the location has a URL, not a postcode. For instance; your CEO can record a live or pre-recorded opening speech, you can show live or pre-recorded seminars and you can create virtual round tables where participants can contribute in real-time. 


The great thing about all of the above is that when it comes to video e-learning, you can scale up or scale down to fit almost any budget. There is no barrier to entry when it comes to learning something new. Anytime. Anywhere.

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