On Camera Interview Tips

24.06.2016 Video Production
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


Anytime you’re being interviewed whether its for a job or a newspaper, the thought can be daunting. Now introduce lights and cameras, and it can be terrifying. It is completely normal to be nervous about an on camera interview, but there’s no need to get to worry. Here at Kartoffel Films we’ve been involved in hundreds of filmed interviews both behind and in front of the camera. Here are some insights and tips we’ve picked up over the years:

Know what to wear

When it comes to what to wear on camera, solid-colours are always a good choice. Patterns, bright colours or large logos can all be visually distracting and detract from what you are saying.

You should also keep in mind that your clothing choice will send a message. So make sure that your clothes are appropriate for the message you are delivering. For example a suit and tie would send a different message than a t-shirt. Think about the purpose behind your interview, and what you are trying to convey and dress accordingly.

Don’t prepare too much

It’s always good to think about what you will be asked and what points you want to relay. This can help with your nerves and ensure that you are able to communicate all that you want to. However there is a fine line between casual preparation and over preparing. If you prepare too much, such as memorising exact answers, than your interview will be wooden and insincere. It is not a test, everything you need is in your head and if you over-rehearse than the interview will not be natural. Keep it genuine and authentic.

Be Yourself

You’ve been chosen for this interview for a reason whether its for your expertise or a unique personal story. So don’t try to be anyone that you’re not. You were chosen for you, so be that person. Speak exactly how you usually do. Don’t try to use words or phrases you don’t normally do. This will make you feel more at ease. Pretend that you are simply having a conversation and it will make the end product feel genuine.

Also keep in mind that most times a camera interview will not feature the interviewer. So make sure to answer questions in full sentences as the audience won’t hear the question that prompted the answer. (i.e. “Blue” vs “The sky is blue” to answer ‘What colour is the sky?’)

Don’t move too much

Try to control your movements, since any movements on screen can detract from what you are saying and distract the audience. Stay as still as you can and watch the movements you make with your hands. Also ensure you have good posture – whether you are standing or sitting. This will help you look more self-assured and lend more credence to what you are saying.


If you stumble or misspeak that is okay! It happens. Take a moment, and then try again. Stumbles and pauses can be edited out, so just move on. It’s more important that you don’t lose your rhythm or your train of thought so just take your time.

And don’t forget to breathe!

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