Top Ten Tips for Making Better Video

02.06.2020 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Internet audiences absorb information in different ways, and so the demand for informative and instructional videos is on the rise. Many of us like to both read and watch absorbing content, and so it makes sense to combine these different mediums to reach a wider audience and drive web traffic to your door. 

Video content affects us on a visceral level; influencing our emotions, thoughts and behaviours in a negative or positive way. This means that video content has a hidden advantage in that it can be used as a stealth marketing tool. Poor content, however, will turn viewers off, and they will quickly move onto the next provider. This could be you and although you may think you have a good video, there is always room for improvement in order to keep your audience engaged and wanting more!

So, how do you make a good video into a better one? Whether you are a video virgin or a pro; Kartoffel Films offers a wealth of experience to help you create visual content that will grab your visitor’s attention and keep it there until the camera stops rolling!

tips for making better video

To whet your appetite (and those of your viewers) here are our top ten tips for making better video:

1. Focus on your audience

One-third of all internet users are YouTube visitors. This should show you exactly how popular and powerful visual content can be. But, in order to grab a piece of the action, you need to decide who you want to reach out to, set a target audience, and the modus operandi for doing so. 

2. Have a goal to the film

Do you want to make an instructional video, engage people with your brand identity or market a new product? Or do you just simply want to get people talking? Once you have a target audience and a clear goal for your video – you are already one step closer towards making it happen.

3. Tell a story that is engaging to your audience

Everyone loves a good story, so you need to think about what will hook your viewers’ attention in order to reel them in towards your goal. Stories have been used to entrance audiences and pass down information through centuries and in this modern world, and the internet is no different. However, as you are competing with other “storytellers” in an already saturated world wide web, it is the opening few seconds of your video content that has to make the difference.

4. Invest in creative

The idea here is to get creative by using visual clues and/or a voice over that will help convey the goal or message you want to share without being too obvious or literally spelling (or talking!) it out. It can help to think of your video as a creative canvas that will tell a story using a mixture of sound, graphics, colour and/or animation. You need to create an overall experience for your viewer that has a particular flavour that will not only appeal to you target audience but also represent your brand. This will help you become instantly recognisable to your followers in the future. 

making better video tips

5. Invest in technology

Because of its ability to boost engagement and brand visibility; video is fast becoming the most powerful marketing tool available. We rely heavily on technology to create it. The beauty of technology is that it changes and improves all the time so in order to make better video it is only wise to invest in the tech you’re using. This could be using live streaming, 360 video, 4K or AR to enhance viewing pleasure.

6. Keep it brief

Longer is not always better. A viewer’s attention span can be brief especially when they are browsing with no serious intention, so when they stumble across a video that piques their interest, it needs to be short enough to keep their interest and pack a punch whilst doing so.

7. Make it for purpose – there needs to be a reason for the content

There is some woefully poor content clogging up the internet and you don’t want to add to the stupefying “entertainment” that risks turning web surfers into zombies. A human being is a misnomer because we are actually designed to “do things” rather than sit staring at a screen. This is why a better video encourages a call to action and has a purposeful end goal in mind it wants the viewer to achieve.

8. Make it for the platforms your audience are on

This is a biggie because even if you know your target audience, do you really know the platforms they use and how to match your video content to their vibe as well as understanding the technology used to load it? The younger generation is most likely to use social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat but attention span can be short and you may find less serious end users although target demographics can be used if you are prepared to pay. 

tips to make better video

Those who are serious about better video content will probably head to YouTube, but don’t forget the beauty of the sharing button. Videos can be shared simultaneously across a wide range of platforms and you should make it easy for viewers to do so.

9. Differentiate from your competitors – make something that is truly yours

You can find a great deal of inspiration by checking out the video content of your competition but to grab someone’s eye you need to make something that is truly yours and has your signature all over it.

10. Promote your video

Finally, to get the content out to your audience where they will consume it you need to combine both video and promotion because it is this tandem that has been proven to yield the best results. A Google display and video ad has the potential to reach 90% of all internet users and this is why it is important that your visual content is the best to stand out from all the rest!

Not sure you have the time to create the content that checks all the boxes on this list? We do! If you’re struggling to use video to great effect, why not get in touch and see how we could help you reach and engage a wider audience through video?

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