Trust Video – Build a relationship with your audience

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Within the charity sector trust is vital. When supporters donate their time or money, they want to trust that their donation will be put to good use. Unfortunately in recent years, the public’s trust of charities has been called into question. This makes it vital for charities to reach out to supporters and strengthen their relationships with them. You need to engage the audience in your work, and build trust. Video can be a valuable tool to help you accomplish this, trust video.

Why Video?

Video is your opportunity to give the audience a glimpse into your charity, and put a human face to the organisation. Through giving a personal face to your charity you humanise the organisation and help to create a relationship between your charity and your audience. This helps to build trust as it creates an authentic connection.

Add Value

It’s not enough to create a video to create a video. It needs to have value and be worth the audience’s time. Use your video to create a conversation with your audience and engage them in your work. Storytelling is an effective method to do this, stories, especially personal stories resonate and inspire action. The way you share your charity’s unique story will differentiate you from other organisations and help you resonate in the audience’s mind. Connecting your audience emotionally to your charity through storytelling will help you stand out from the endless stream of information audiences’ are exposed to.

Know Your Message

It is vital to know the audience you are communicating to, and what message you want to share with them. Through emotional engagement, your video can inspire action. When you engage your audience emotionally, you create a powerful connection that lasts longer than your video. Emotions are not so easily turned off. But you need to understand the genuine motivations of your audience and ensure that they are given a suitable means to turn those emotions into action.


Transparency is key when it comes to building trust with video, and a large part of this can be accomplished through being genuine. Be authentic with your message, don’t dramatise or over-exaggerate. Speak clearly and authentically to your audience, and your message will be more effective.

Connect your audience’s contribution directly to the impact it makes. Through your video show how with the audience’s support your charity can make a difference. By connecting the audience directly to the difference they can make, you create an informed audience who knows and trusts the difference your charity makes.

Video connects

Video is growing in popularity and is quickly becoming most people’s preferred choice to receive information. So through video you are connecting with the audience where they are. Don’t assume that the audience will come to you, be proactive and reach out to them. By delivering your message in a medium the audience wants and prefers, you show the audience that you value you them and will make the effort.

Use your video to share with the audience the value of your charity and the work you do. Connect them to the unique personality and qualities of your charity. This will create engagement and build a meaningful conversation between your charity and the audience. Thus building trust.