Making a Charity Volunteer Recruitment Video

16.06.2015 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Part of having a successful charity is having the right people involved with it. Without committed and devoted volunteers many charities would find it difficult to exist and continue their great work. So recruiting good volunteers is vital for most charities. One way to tackle this challenge is with producing a volunteer video. Making a volunteer recruitment video can be a powerful tool for not only attracting volunteers but attracting the right volunteers.

Who are you targeting?

This is the first question you should work to answer. As this determines you approach to your volunteer video production. Who is the ideal volunteer? What skills do they need? What traits? Once you’ve answered these questions it will be easier for you to determine how to best target them and how to frame your charity to appeal to them.

volunteer recruitment video production

What does your charity do?

Ensure that you communicate clearly to your audience what it is your charity does. It’s important to showcase your charity so that volunteers can relate and be inspired to get involved. This is also important for attracting new volunteers as people are unlikely to want to get involved if they don’t understand the charity they are getting involved with. Tell the audience why you are doing what you are doing, and how you are doing it. Show the impact you charity is having, and how it adds value to lives. Tell viewers why it matters what you do. The better understanding that you can establish, the more likely that you will attract volunteers who understand the commitment making them more likely to stay involved for longer.

What can you offer them?

With an understanding established of your charity, you can then tell the audience what it is volunteers do with you. Share with them what opportunities are available, the difference they can make, and what benefits they will get (i.e. fulfilment, leadership skills, new experiences, etc). Help lend meaning and fulfilment to the work they would be doing with your charity. Show them what current volunteers are doing and how that makes a difference.

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Who are your current volunteers?

There’s no one better to advocate volunteering with your charity than current volunteers. Speak to them and find out why they got involved and why they’ve stayed involved. Not only can you get valuable information from current volunteers to attract new volunteers, but you could have great interviewees for your charity volunteer recruitment video.

Be clear and concise

Once you’ve determined what to include in your charity volunteering video then ensure that your are delivering those messages clearly and concisely. You want to be as focused as possible to ensure that your message is properly delivered to your audiences. You’re trying to recruit volunteers and not raise funds or spread brand awareness. So ensure that you do not stray away from your key messages.

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