Drone Videography Benifits

29.11.2019 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Drones are changing the face of the film industry.

Technology has many advantages for filmmakers, using a drone can offer unique perspectives, exciting angles that can capture a thrilling sequence of frames providing speed and drama that can be the difference between an average or a fantastic film. 

Drones are now often employed in documentaries, films, and advertisements.  The footage can be digitally enhanced with special effects that can produce spectacular results, and this is rapidly changing the face of the industry.   

It is necessary however to find a qualified drone operator as there are legal technicalities that surround flying drones and is essential to ensure that operators are fully insured and trained to ensure no rules get broken. 

Flexibility, accessibility and reduced costs

Before the age of drones, filmmakers would have to rent helicopters, boats, planes or even cranes at an astronomic cost, and they would also have to factor in the safety of the pilots and crew.   Now filmmakers can utilize drones for a mere fraction of the cost. A 4K camera can be employed to produce breath-taking Ariel shots from exciting angles and heights. The average price of a good quality 4K drone camera is around £5000 to buy.

Drones and VR

The ability to provide breath-taking real-life footage from a bird’s eye view offers tremendous potential to the 360 experience.    Commerce could benefit from this type of filming including construction, agriculture and tourism. It is an excellent way for people to experience places before they visit and opens up a unique opportunity for countries that are trying to attract tourists by giving them an immersive experience before they arrive.  

Location scouting

Drones are a fantastic low-cost way to location scout, and it offers the filmmaker the ability to view many different locations and keep budgets down.  There is also the potential for drones to deliver pieces of kit on location in hard to reach places.   

Drones are the future of filmmaking and open up so many endless opportunities to both the big film companies and independent filmmakers, and the sky is the limit.

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