New Work – Educational Promotional Film St Georges

05.10.2018 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

The Brief

St Georges wanted to show what it was like to be a St George’s student – A day in the life.

St Georges wanted a cool modern engaging piece of content to represent life at St George’s showing off their amazing workspaces and facilities to show at open days and to use on their socials. So we came up with the idea of a point of view ‘through the eyes of the student’ to show accomplish this.

Pre Production –

We used storyboards to get across to the client the style and transitions we thought would work perfectly to create a cool, slick and fast-paced POV day in the life film. This worked great as a tool we could refer back to on the day as well.

(Our Director Simon Shergold on set )

The Shoot –

When shooting a POV the main thing is blocking your actors for where and when to come in, much like a play rather than a usual shoot, This is because you’re on such a wide lens to try and represent what the person is seeing in each scene. This was both fun and challenging at the same time!

Finish! –

Editing a POV with storyboards make the process so much easier. You can then be as playful as you want with the transitions, although we had planned out each transition we wanted to use beforehand to make the process even smoother.

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