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28.06.2021 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

It’s been quite a year and more for all of us. As a company, we weathered the storm as best we could to find new opportunities, as previous lines of work decreased or just stopped altogether.  But as the world opens up again, we feel we have come back much stronger than we were before.

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Challenges in business often force change, shaping and driving a company’s future growth. Pressure creates diamonds and all that jazz. We have adjusted our model to embrace the changes that in truth were happening prior to the pandemic, but have now sped up.

We have also taken the opportunity of this period of change to adapt to the likely future changes in our sector, the kind of work we do and anticipate doing in the coming years.

Kartoffel Films London Corporate Video Production

In simple terms, you could say we have moved our focus from facilities and kit to strategy, creativity, service, and speed. In doing so, we have become ever more true to our mantra Creative. Focused. Fast.

These changes included more remote working systems for us and our clients. Streamlined and more simplified production models are at our core.

We have invested significantly in building up our freelancer network, which allows us to shoot in pretty much any location. Our new studios are also a reflection of this. We have server racks wired to a terabyte connection, allowing material from anywhere on the planet to quickly reach our servers directly from the shoot.

Kartoffel Films London Chair

It’s been a huge learning curve and one we feel we have benefited from.  

What this all means for our clients is that we are able to film shoots in pretty much any market or any city, so their projects can be delivered regardless of the scale.

We are fast, super-fast in fact, as footage can get from the shoot to our server and editors that same day.   As a result, we can generate edits pretty much as soon as the shoot is complete. 

Our clients do not need to be present on set, we have honed a remote working model which allows seamless engagement with our clients from where ever they are located.

Our team of producers are here live in our studio, ensuring constant and consistent client communication and providing creative and technical oversight of productions regardless of where they are.

Fs7 camera rig video company

All in all the challenges of the last year have helped us to focus on the parts of our service that drive great work and now make those elements and that work even better.

So whilst it’s definitely been a year for the diary we are pretty excited about the future and its promise.

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