Using Animation in Education Recruitment

07.05.2021 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Animation is an incredibly exciting video format that can strongly benefit the educational sector, particularly regarding recruitment. Not necessarily the most obvious choice, animation will help your university stand out from the crowd and appeal more to teachers and students alike. With so many styles and formats to choose from, possibilities are endless, allowing you to explore the realms of your creative ambitions. Fun and imaginative, animated videos have a hold on all target audiences, as they process information through appealing and accessible means. You don’t have to worry about keeping up to date with marketing trends with an animated video. As students come and go, an animation will still bear relevance to your university’s branding years after production. We have listed below some of the benefits you can expect from using animation in your university’s marketing strategy.

Versatile Video Content

Anything is possible with animation. With a variety of styles and formats to choose from, you are free to explore what layout is best for your video marketing strategy. Incorporating assorted graphics, exploring the leaps and bounds of your creative expertise will help you bring the intangible to life. You can exercise your creative flair in a limitless scope of ideas. 

Animation works well with storytelling, providing information in a digestible format, and simplifying complex, abstract topics, to name but a few. You can even add animated effects to live-action footage. The University of Lincoln has made excellent use of storytelling in an animated video format to attract mature students. This video depicts a man who has hit a dead-end in his career. The animation effectively shows his journey to enrolment, the benefits of the university and course, and how becoming a student has improved his employment prospects. By using 2D animation, the University was able to create their own character to relate to prospective mature students and effectively convey the flexibility of their courses for busy working people. 

Longevity in Video Content Marketing

Students will leave in a few years’ time. Buildings will be renovated. Teaching staff won’t be there forever. Constantly updating a live-action video depicting outdated aspects means spending time and money on a project that requires annual maintenance. Like a ubiquitous fast fashion trend, a live-action video will contain fads and styles that aren’t all the rage any more. As a result, a live-action video won’t last long before it loses relevance and disengages prospective students. 

This is why animation is so important. Regardless of format, animated videos have an engaging gravitas that constantly appeals to students, even if it’s been years since it was produced. That’s because you are free to leave out specific details that would date the production. This means that animated videos are both cost-effective and long-lasting, saving you the energy and hassle of producing a new video every few years.

Animation will still engage future students years after production has been completed, unlike live-action videos. Live-action video graphics are constantly being updated, therefore in a few years’ time this video will be too pixelated and grainy, and the style won’t ring true to the tone you want to set. Encouraging future students to enrol requires being up to date with the latest marketing layouts. If a live-action film is constantly used, the university will seem to be too old-fashioned. As a result, this proves the university hasn’t kept up with the times and isn’t bothering to understand the perspectives of future students. 

Accessible Explainer Animations

The main benefit of animation is that it doesn’t involve a huge level of logistical concerns. You don’t need to worry about lighting, setting, and searching for talent, along with the associated costs. You’re also not constrained to other people’s availability, constantly relying on a whole host of staff to create the desired outcome. Spending time, money, and energy on building the right set, finding the right locations, and using the right people for all of your lighting and acting needs can be very draining. With animation, you can film everything from the comfort and convenience of your computer screen.

Raw material can be reused and easily updated, making it easier for you to keep up with any changes at your university. As a result, the final editing stage is much simpler than live-action, because you don’t have to worry about physically refilming anything. Your desired outcome can be achieved in a matter of clicks. 

The University of Wolverhampton has made good use of animated videos in showing how to enrol and promoting facilities. These animated explainer videos are fun and entertaining and make the prospect of going to university less daunting. Their enrolment video uses Rachel avatar to coherently explain all the necessary steps in becoming a fully enrolled student. This quickly and clearly illustrates the logical order of relevant web pages, important documents needed, and registering for modules. This animation also provides information on other virtual services the University offers, such as their university app. As a result, prospective students have easy access to simple instructions, making them feel less worried about their future at university.


Creative Animated Video Content

It’s all about visual design. Choosing the right format, graphics, and style can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many ways you can creatively promote your university through animation. After all, there are endless methods at your disposal. Our video for St George’s University of London uses 2D Vector animation and two contrasting and striking colour schemes. These approaches compellingly tell the narrator’s story of her journey to St George’s Scholarship Program. The transformation of the warm and bold red hues of Pakistan to the sharp, sleek blues of London effectively illustrates a ‘before/after’ story arc. This in turn emphasises how much the narrator’s life has changed in winning the scholarship. The sheer joyousness of a vibrant colour palette, therefore, complements the tone and personality of your university you want to convey.

The University of Wolverhampton uses a very different kind of animation style to publicise the development of their new MB building. Whilst their enrolment video uses 2D visuals, this animation uses 3D graphics to show the end goal of this project. Universities are always reinventing themselves for the next generation of students, so it’s very important to keep them in the loop about ongoing projects impacting and improving their learning. This clear and informative animation takes students on a virtual tour of what they can expect the exterior and interior to look like, fully immersing students into the future of the University. As a result, this demonstrates how much the University supports students, contributing to a warm and welcoming environment.

Statistics are hugely important in encouraging prospective students to apply. Results, achievements, and employability prospects are the main reasons why students decide on going to university in the first place. Animated videos present statistics in a more attractive format than live-action videos. As a result, knowledge retention increases by 15%, proving that animations are better in simplifying complex nuggets of information. The more prospective students can remember specifics about your university, the more they will want to apply.


Safeguarding in Video Production

Live-action can sometimes make it difficult to hide certain students who don’t wish to be on camera. Animation gives you the option to create your own composite character based on multiple students’ lives without disclosing someone’s identity. When promoting your university, your students’ safety is of the utmost importance.

This is of particular significance when creating a video of counselling and well-being services. It can sometimes be difficult to find students who are willing to open up about their experiences and share their personal stories with a wider virtual audience. An animated video protects them from being discovered, in turn reinstating students’ right to anonymity and still clearly informing the student community about mental health support available. 

Promoting Animated Video Content

Now that your animated video has reached the final editing stage, it’s now time to look at promoting it. Animated videos do particularly well on social media, as they display a kind of charm through fun and imaginative means. Promoting these videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok will reach your target audience, as these are the platforms 16-24-year-olds use the most. 

Prospective students can easily share this kind of video content and promote your university. In doing so, they are showing their peers how supportive your university is with all manner of concerns in breaking down difficult topics. This in turn strengthens your network of students, as they can ask questions knowing their issues will be heard and their problems will be solved. Your university experience will be seen as less intimidating, encouraging students to choose you over other institutions.

The shorter and simpler your animations are, the better. Statistics show that videos have just 10 seconds to keep viewers engaged This is because fidgety and distracted viewers are able to sift through unnecessary information and quickly jump from video to video. Content has to be concise and clear to keep them interested, so the more consumable the information, the stronger your student engagement will be.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways your university’s marketing strategy can benefit from animation. Recruiting students requires all kinds of creative ideas to motivate prospective students to enrol. As animation impresses yet doesn’t overwhelm your audience, this format is excellent at engagingly simplifying complicated information. Very easy to edit, animated videos can be continuously updated to maintain relevance with your university’s branding and your target audience.  

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