What’s New For Kartoffel Films in 2022

09.05.2022 Kartoffel Stuff
Molly Howe

We aren’t far off halfway through 2022, crazy isn’t it!

We felt now would be a great opportunity for us to take you through some of our recent innovations and developments here at Kartoffel Films. 

Remote Processes 

Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have perfected our remote processes. It is now possible for us to undergo 100% of our operations remotely. 

  • Pre-production meetings can be held on various video conferencing platforms.
  • Process updates can be delivered through email. 
  • It is possible to be ‘virtually present’ on shoot days.
  • Video content can be delivered on the internet using tried and tested channels.
  • We use Frame.io to collect feedback on draft videos. 
  • Entire videos can be directly shot through video conference apps.

Not only do these developments mean that your project is in capable hands in the unfortunate case of more restrictions, but it also makes worldwide collaboration much more accessible. 

Even if you’re thousands of miles from our London offices, we are only ever a call or email away from assisting you in creating the best possible video content your company has to offer.

Mastering Animation 

We love creating animated content just as much as we love creating live-action productions. Whilst much of the production processes are the same, some key areas do differ. It is therefore essential that we develop our animation production process independently to assure the best quality of service. Over the past ten years, Kartoffel Films have mastered the unique art of animation production and we are so proud to showcase our selection of work. This year we have worked with even more highly skilled animators from across the globe to develop masterfully animated content in a variety of styles. 

At Kartoffel Films we can produce whatever type of animation best suits your brand:

  • Traditional animation
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Stop motion
  • Rotoscope
  • Typography
  • Claymation 
  • Whiteboard animation

Not sure which type to go for, I don’t blame you, they’re all so enticing! We can help you choose what animation style will work best for your project’s goals, style, budget, and timeframe. 

The advantages of animation are endless, depending on your brief it can even be more cost-effective than live-action as well as being more versatile, informative, malleable, accessible, evergreen and professional. We think it’s certainly something worth considering!

Increasing Innovation

A Kartoffel Films we believe creation breeds innovation, this is why in 2022 we have decided to step up our creativity to keep one step ahead of industry trends at all times. Want your video to stand out? Give us a call.

Innovative video marketing can influence consumers to adopt an image of your brand as forward-thinking and creative. In recent years, video marketing has seen a growth in creative standards, largely due to the technological advances surrounding video production.

The boundaries of video marketing are constantly being pushed, but keep in mind, that innovation is designed to break the mould, not the bank. No matter how big or small your company is, your video marketing can benefit by partnering with Kartoffel Films and developing a more innovative strategy.

Here are a few innovative practices we are exploring in 2022:

  • Social media optimisation
  • Soundless optimisation
  • Interactive video
  • VR- Video
  • Drone video
  • New animation forms
Kartoffel Films Drone
Kartoffel Films Drone

Accessibility and Inclusion 

At Kartoffel Films we are determined to create video productions that are accessible and inclusive. 

This means creating content that is optimised so that people with disabilities can access it as comfortably as anyone else. Making some of our content ‘volume-agnostic’ has allowed it to become more accessible to those with hearing impairments or auditory processing disorders. 

Similarly, we apply measures to promote visual accessibility, especially when animation or presenting visual statistics. The World Health Organisation estimates that over 220 million people live with some form of visual impairment. Many of those with visual impairments struggle to understand footage that has a low colour contrast. It is also helpful to use distinguishing textures in graphs so that those who are severely colourblind do not have to worry about the misinterpretation of data. Further to this, we make sure to employ a ‘visual language’ using clear signposting and simplified animation techniques to overcome language barriers and low literacy rates.

All video projects should strive to be more accessible and inclusive in 2022, but it is particularly important for the health and education sector to have a firm strategy of accessibility within their marketing plans.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR policy requires us to positively contribute to today’s society without taking away from future generations.

In 2022, we are focusing even more so on our CSR policy:

  • Maximising our remote working strategies and travelling less has reduced our carbon emissions.
  • Streamlining our production process has allowed us to produce nothing more than what we need. This has cut down our resource consumption.
  • We donate to The Trillion Trees for every project we get commissioned.
  • We continue to work frequently in the 3rd sector
  • We enforce an ethical working model, our typical team working hours have rarely exceeded the standard working week in an industry that is notorious for long hours. 

Thank you!

Finally, to those who have worked with us already this year, it has been a pleasure. We would love to collaborate with you again and can’t wait to hear about your exciting future projects!

Want to create an amazing video for your business or charity? Why not form a creative partnership with Kartoffel Films? Contact us anytime!

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