Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

05.02.2022 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

We keep being asked this. When we founded the company we had a long think on names, it’s important to get this right, it might be with you for a while. Many other production companies at the time were called things like “Industrial Light and Magic” or “Focus” … something or “Lens” … something, “Laser Light Lens Ray Films”, etc etc, you get the picture or they were called after the founder, which in an industry entirely based on collaborative work didn’t feel right.  

We were looking for a name that was a little less literal and felt more human and also felt lite, while “Industrial Light and Magic” is a wonderful company it does feel quite loaded as a name.  Making great video content shouldn’t feel like hard work because whilst it’s certainly involved, it’s actually quite enjoyable and creative as a process, it’s not rocket science or industrial.

Kartoffel means potato in German, a tasty root veg with endless tasty and varied uses, it has nothing whatsoever to do with video production so we tagged Films on to it to be safe.  

Kartoffel Films Office
Kartoffel Films Office

Kartoffel Films was born :O)  Our logo a now neon potato shape cut out, a tad playful and also in everybodies first creative tool set.

” It Provokes Curiosity which is the backbone of creative”

In summary we chose the name Kartoffel Films as it provokes curiosity which is the backbone of creative and that’s always a good start to a creative process. It’s starchy yes but fluffy and lite, it’s familiar with positive memories ( largely for germans ) , who doesn’t love potatoes/kartoffels. It’s also easy to remember.

As a company we wanted to be known for being creative and great at what we do, only our work will ever do that.  

Our name we hoped would tell people we are human beings with a sense of humor, who are easy to work with and it kinda does that.

Kartoffel Films Logo
Kartoffel Films Logo

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