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07.02.2023 Video Marketing
Molly Howe

Snackable videos are bite-sized pieces of digital content that are easy to consume, digest, and share. Just like a snack!

Snackable content needs to be visually enticing to grab the attention of potential customers right at the top of the sales funnel, perhaps before they have even considered investing in your product or service.

A whopping 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2022, however, not nearly as many take advantage of the power of snackable video content. Read on to find out how your business can effectively incorporate snackable video into your marketing strategy.

snackable popcorn
snackable popcorn

Forms of snackable content 

  • Short-form (1-30 second) video clips
  • Short-form animated clips
  • Gifs 
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Image graphics
  • Quotes

Why use snackable video

Video is inarguably one of the most effective forms of marketing. People are watching more online videos than ever before, staggeringly, since 2018, the amount watched has almost doubled. 

As a marketer, you can rest assured that video, when produced to a great standard and developed in line with your brand ethos, has the ability to:

  • Increase ROI
  • Influence traffic
  • Contribute to sales
  • Develop positive B2B and B2C relationships

Still not convinced?

  • Studies have proven that videos are one of the most engaging forms of media you can use. 
  • They get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined,
  • Companies that use video on their websites have 41% more web traffic than those that don’t.
  • Videos are 45 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than text results.
  • Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text.
  • A positive experience from a customer with a video ad can increase purchase intent by 97%
  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it

Types of snackable video content 

  • Instagram stories
  • Snapchat stories
  • TikTok videos
  • Blooper reels
  • Top tip clips
  • Meet the team clips
  • Sizzle/ demo/ highlight reels (short flashy videos used to promote aspects of a product or service)



@ebay shining a light on UK small businesses with StrongerAsOne, driving sales through Creative Excellence ????????????????????????

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Snackable video can enhance your marketing strategy

Snackable video possesses the power to completely revolutionise your marketing strategy and contribute to increased bottom-line sales. This being said, it is important to remember that short-form video is designed to enhance your video marketing strategy rather than substitute it. 

For this reason, it is best used in tandem with mid to longer-form video content such as explainer, promo, testimonial, and brand videos.

 It may be tempting to make lots of random snackable content to rouse attention but it’s best to avoid this strategy. Make sure your videos, whether they are 5 seconds or 15 minutes long, identify with your brand and showcase its most important values. This makes sure your marketing remains authentic.

Sharing your snacks

The short-form nature of snackable video means it can promote a faster transaction of marketing information from the business to the potential customer. This increases its level of shareability between social media followers, friends, or business employees. 

Your company’s cultural significance can be greatly increased through sharing, particularly on social media. Why not follow our tried and tested formula and attempt to create the next snackable viral video!

Audience engagement
Audience engagement

Grabbing attention with snackable video

The attention span of the average person has dropped an alarming 25% in the past 20 years. At just 8 seconds, businesses may as well practice their marketing strategies on goldfish! No, seriously, it’s a bit worrying!

It’s getting harder and harder to promote audience engagement in videos, especially using mid to long-form content. This is why snackable videos are perfect. The bitesize, attention-grabbing media teases audiences into engaging with larger pieces of content developed for your brand.

Snackable videos, despite their short nature, can quickly take consumers’ minds off their day-to-day lives whilst encouraging them to begin their engagement with your brand. 


Keep in mind 

Snackable videos should not feel overly forceful. Balance them on the borderline of marketing and entertainment for the best results. They should represent a worthwhile and honest transaction between B2B or B2C consumers. You want to steer clear of deterring any potential custom at the very first point of contact.

Snackable videos make up a trail of content crumbs that potential consumers can follow into the sales funnel, ultimately leading them to wider brand engagement and sales. 

crumbs to cake
crumbs to cake

The mobile consumer

The smartphone has well and truly taken over, both in the marketing world and our wider lives. The average person spends roughly a third of their waking hours on their mobile devices. That’s almost 5 hours spent scrolling through social media, watching films on Netflix, or messaging friends. More specifically, seven out of every ten minutes spent on the phone are on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

I’d imagine therefore, it’s hardly going to surprise you when I tell you that your marketing content must cater to this exponential growth in mobile phone usage. 

But luckily for you…

Snackable video is perfect for mobile optimisation!

Whilst it’s clear that internet use has dramatically increased in recent years, it is important to acknowledge that basic stats such as those mentioned above, do not take into account the breakup of time spent on social media.

The moderately alarming length of time we spend on social media is much less shocking when you remember it is largely spread out in short stints of scrolling; waiting for the bus, or in line at a coffee shop. 

To better understand internet usage and how marketers can take advantage of it, we must consider app session lengths. This is the amount of time users spend on individual apps such as Twitter and Facebook. 

On average, mobile users will spend approximately five minutes in an app. However, gaming apps and highly engaging forms of social media such as Youtube and TikTok do frequently surpass this average. 

Why am I telling you this?

To encourage you to meet potential customers on their terms! If you know social media users are looking for a quick fix of entertainment when scrolling, give it to them! 

Play the game of the scroller! Use snackable video content to entice them into your deeper marketing strategy. Pander to shrinking attention spans and create something instantly fun and engaging for them to watch, even if it’s just for a few seconds of their busy lives.

Here’s an analogy…

Imagine you are standing in line at the supermarket, glued to your smartphone. Pretty soon it’s going to be your turn, but like any normal person in the 21st century, you keep scrolling. You skip past a longer video, you have no time to be watching a three-minute clip, but what harm can a short one do, it’s only 15 seconds long! You watch it, enjoy it and step up to pay for your shopping. 

Later at work, waiting for the kettle to boil for your afternoon cup of tea, you remember the amusing video from earlier. It really did pique your interest! You head to their website and find five videos that are a couple of minutes in length. Now having the time, and trusting that they will be informative like the snackable one, you watch and love the mid-length videos and start to feel yourself forming a relationship with the brand. 

When you get home, the brand is still on your mind. You decide to purchase the product they have been promoting. Great stuff! 

Think back to when you were waiting in line at the supermarket and try to remember the longer video you scrolled past. Remember what brand it was? What product it was advertising? Unlikely. This is why snackable video is so important.

Now imagine yourself as the business owner, what a result! From a single 15 second video, a long-standing partnership between business and consumer has been formed and a sale has been made.

 How could you possibly resist investing in snackable video content?

How to make snackable video?

1. Repurpose

Why not go through some of your past video content and see which ones were successful; performing well and providing a good return on investment?

These videos can sometimes be re-edited and morphed into snackable material.

For instance ‘top tips’ or ‘meet the team’ videos can be segmented.

2. Dissect

It is possible to create longer-form videos with the intention of pulling snackable bites from them. 

Make sure to discuss this with your director so they are aware that they must keep rolling for a few seconds longer than usual. This allows for the editor to frame the clips as standalone productions in post-production

If these clips are effective, many viewers will be enticed to watch the long-form version which will ideally contain more detailed information on your brand or product.

editing snackable video

3. Create

Snackable live-action content can be extremely monetarily efficient as it can be block shot. 

It’s perfectly plausible to hire a studio for a single day and record over ten snackable pieces, especially if they form a ‘sizzle’ series and can look very similar (same backdrops, talent, colour scheme, etc). 

Why not even consider filming some snackable content whilst on set for another project. Build time into your filming schedule to capture bites of extra footage without setting up a whole new shoot. Remember that some snackable videos are as short as 5 seconds, setting up and filming five takes could take less than a minute. What about a behind-the-scenes clip? It would be a great starting point for your first snackable video.

The efficiency of making snackable content offers a rare opportunity in the video content creation industry so take advantage of the power of short-form content as much as possible. It may be worth taking a risk and trying something new for your business. Take the leap into snackable content and revolutionse your marketing strategy by opening it up to a wider audience. 

Where to host snackable video?

What’s great about snackable content is that it can work almost anywhere, whether it be your website landing page or on your business’ Instagram story. 

Here are some more examples:

  • Facebook clips
  • Twitter posts
  • TikTok videos
  • Instagram stories
  • Snapchat stories
  • Advertising banners on other websites (PPC)
  • Paid Youtube ads, shorter videos are less tempting to skip! 
tiktok hosting
tiktok hosting

The death of mid and long form content?

The success of snackable videos may cause some to think that the time of longer form video is over. This isn’t the case at all!

Mid form video content 

Mid-form videos tend to range from 1 to 5 minutes long. They are a long proven successful marketing tool that 82% of businesses used in 2021. 

Mid-length content is frequently utilised to increase sales, develop trust, explain products, and improve SEO. Snackable videos, on the other hand, do not perform well in SEO rankings, indicating why it is critical to have both types of content in your marketing strategy.

Examples include:

  • Brand videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Promos
  • CSR videos
  • Meet the team
  • Lead generation 
  • Commercials 

Long-form video content  

Long-form content encapsulates videos that are well over five minutes long. They tend to have a fixed structure with a beginning, middle, and end. It can offer your business a unique opportunity to connect with its customers on a deeper level. 

For this reason, they are more often used for content generated for those consumers that are further along the sales funnel.

Examples include:

  • Educational videos
  • Product tutorials and demonstrations
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Documentaries 

Snackable video content, whilst important, is a smaller component of your marketing machine. By accelerating the process of engagement, snackable content encourages potential buyers to begin their journey of brand discovery. It is an effective way to enhance your video marketing strategy, not to replace it. 

happy man filming

Lets recap…

Snackable videos are bite-sized pieces of digital content that are easy to consume, digest, and share. Just like a snack!

Snackable content should be very visually enticing and aim to grab the attention of potential customers sitting right at the top of the sales funnel, likely before they have even considered investing in your product or service.

Snackable videos can be:

  • Social media stories 
  • TikTok videos
  • Blooper reels
  • Top tip clips
  • Meet the team member clips
  • Behind the scenes clips
  • Sizzle/ demo/ highlight reels 

And they can be hosted on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube
  • Banners
  • Your website

Snackable videos are most effective when they supplement your already amazing video marketing strategy. Don’t forget to make some longer-form content to increase engagement with your brand or product!

The team at Kartoffel Films can help you to create the ultimate video marketing strategy, including some masterful snackable clips. Contact us today for more information! 

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