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25.10.2021 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

B2B video content marketing is no longer the restrictive form of marketing it used to be. Back in the day, B2B marketers feared alienating their audience, resulting in monotonous and predictable marketing campaigns. Unlike B2C marketing, they couldn’t exercise their creative skills and think beyond traditional formats. B2B marketers felt they had to play on the safe side to maximise lead generation and conversions. 

This has changed drastically. Our online world has opened up a whole host of marketing content types, giving B2B marketers more freedom. One of the most popular and effective content types is video. By adapting your video content to every stage of your marketing funnel, more viewers will be engaged with your brand. Video content that accommodates all B2B consumers at every point of their customer journey is crucial to your marketing strategy. This not only generates more leads but also helps your customers make better and more informed decisions. 

We recommend creating different videos for each stage of the marketing funnel. Below, we go into more detail about how each video type has the power to boost your B2B video marketing strategy

Top of Funnel

At the very beginning of their customer journey, your potential B2B customers don’t know very much about your brand. Rather than launching straight into product promotion, it’s more important you start establishing a relationship with your potential clients. Therefore, creating entertaining and informative video content should be at the top of your list.

Educational Video Content

Start by teaching your viewers about an interesting topic related to your industry. Video content that helps your audience understand their field of work better will make you a trusted source. 

Our video for Age UK’s Keeping Warm in Winter campaign is an excellent example of educational video content. Instead of promoting an event or motivating viewers to donate, this video informs the elderly about coping with colder climates. We see Dr Saleyha Ahsan going through simple steps older people can take to combat the winter weather. Providing reasons for weakened health in older people also prove that Age UK is an organization viewers can trust. Dr Ahsan comes across as friendly and funny, showing that Age UK is always there to help those in need. Using visual references and motion graphics also give older people a better understanding of how to maintain their health in the winter.

Documentaries and Video Series

Documentaries and video series are a brilliant way to engage with B2B customers. They shine a realistic light on the experience of working in B2B companies, relating to their client base and increasing brand awareness. 

Our in-house marketing video series provides information on various aspects of video marketing, from scriptwriting to choosing a video agency. This series of 10 videos clearly and concisely explains the fundamentals of video marketing and production whilst complementing written content. Identifying which parts of your website would benefit from having a video can help you develop a documentary or series. Short and snappy video content will maintain your engagement rate and motivate viewers to watch the rest of your videos. Keep your branding consistent and ensure your logo is always present so that your viewers know exactly who they’re watching. Even your office space can be an ideal filming location – you don’t need to break the bank to have exciting visuals.  


Last but not least, videos of interviews with experts in your industry will win over prospective clients. These types of interviews show how well connected your company is to those at the top of their field, encouraging your viewers to listen to not only them but to you. 

Our ‘Meet the Team’ video for Roche Partnerships does just that. ‘Meet the Team’ videos don’t just have to be for promotional purposes or recruiting new talent. In this particular video, we see various medical and business experts talk about their enthusiasm for their work and the support they offer to third-party organizations. All of the interviewees communicate their passion for improving UK healthcare, from patient outcomes to system effectiveness. One accomplishment they mention is significantly impacting government legislation. This interview, therefore, shows that these interviewees are experts in their field, wanting to change things for the better and inspire others to participate. This video not only highlights coherently what Roche Partnerships does but also shows the people behind the professionals.   

Middle of Funnel

Middle of the funnel video content focuses on the product or service you want to promote. B2B videos effectively show the functions of your product and how other customers have benefited from it. The purpose of these videos is to increase your brand’s credibility and coherently but compellingly show off what your brand has to offer.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos break down a complex topic into more digestible chunks of information. They are ideal for showcasing the benefits of your product and how it operates. An explainer video has to be clear and concise but still maintain the entertaining aspect established by the top of funnel video content.

Depending on your product, animated video content can be an excellent idea for your explainer. For example, if you are promoting a digital product or service, you won’t necessarily have a tangible product to market. In this case, animation would be a brilliant way to explain and advertise your product. One main benefit of animation is that it is the best video format for simplifying complex and abstract subjects. Additionally, animated video content disarms viewers, making them more engaged and retaining more information about your company. Therefore, this is ideal for a product or service that doesn’t have a physical presence.  

Our video for Kivu Consulting’s SOC programme incorporates animation to do just that. By using smooth line drawings and a voiceover, this video effectively explains and promotes this product. Sticking to a specific colour palette also helps distinguish Kivu Consulting’s branding and makes the company memorable. This video also presents data and statistics in an aesthetically pleasing way, giving the purpose of their product more grounding. Kivu Consulting’s short and snappy video succinctly explains their product and motivates viewers to find out more about their services.                                            

Case Studies and Testimonials

One of the best ways to win over potential clients is through case studies and testimonials. These types of videos feature real, loyal and happy customers whose problems your business has solved. Self-promotion is only part of an effective video content marketing strategy. Recommendations from long-term customers will add to your reliability and expertise.

Whilst written reviews can reinstate trust in your business and services, video testimonials have more power in conveying specific information. They provide factual evidence from customers about their experiences of working with you and how your company has benefited them. As a result, testimonials have a natural story arc, illustrating the problems they faced and how your company resolved them. 97% of B2B customers said that online testimonials are the most reliable form of video content. Therefore, this type of video is essential to the middle of the funnel. 

Our two video testimonials for Paddle feature CEOs from different industries explaining how Paddle has helped their companies grow. The first video oscillates between the two CEOs and animated video content, helping viewers better visualise their problems and solutions. The second video has interviews with more CEOs, who were focusing on flexible answers to their administrative and financial concerns. By hearing a variety of experiences of running a company with and without Paddle’s services, viewers develop a thorough understanding of the benefits of Paddle. 

Bottom of Funnel

Now that we have our educational video content and positive video testimonials, it’s time for that final push to make a sale. Bottom of the funnel video content hones in on the specifics of a product or service and answer any questions your viewers may have. 


Demos teach your viewers how your product functions, answering any questions they may have and ease any concerns. After learning the basics and hearing glowing testimonials, the final stage is for your viewers to see your product in action. This way, they will gain a full understanding of your services and visualise themselves using your product.  

An effective demo follows a logical sequence, introducing, explaining and showing each feature of your product. A step-by-step process of product usage will further clarify the purpose and functionality of your product. Demos give your viewers instructions on using your product, rather than just a general overview offered by explainer videos. This type of video content is ideally short, however, it has to incorporate answers to all possible questions and succinctly alleviate concerns. It’s all a matter of figuring out the amount of detail necessary whilst not overcomplicating and overwhelming your viewers. Stepping into your viewers’ shoes will help you identify potential queries and resolve them.      

IKEA’s demo video for the IKEA Place app is a montage of consumers trying and testing IKEA furniture in their homes via the app. Saving households from potential issues with sizing, users are free to furnish their homes by using this augmented reality app. This demo highlights the app’s flexibility and ease, emphasising that all-important user-friendly experience.

Although animation isn’t always the best choice to demonstrate a tangible product, it can be the ideal format for software and other digital services. Headspace makes excellent use of animation to display the vast array of meditation packages available, inspiring viewers to take steps in maintaining their mental health. A specific colour palette and witty characters help make this demo memorable and recognisable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Onboarding Video Content

Last but not least, B2B marketers need to encourage current clients to upgrade to a paid subscription after their free trial. Onboarding video content has the power to motivate clients to take a leap of faith and fully invest in your company. The main purpose of this type of video is to show viewers how they can get the most value out of your services.

Hubspot’s onboarding video not only explains the onboarding process in a simple yet detailed manner but also introduces the people behind the company. As a result, B2B clients have the chance to virtually meet the Hubspot employees they will potentially work with. These are the people who will help Hubspot’s clients improve their business strategies and get them started with their services. Each employee explains a specific part of the onboarding process, following a coherent and logical narrative and succinctly detailing each stage. All employees are fully aware of potential pitfalls and concerns their clients might have, so all of this information is necessary for reassuring viewers. Showing the people behind your business also shines a positive light on your company culture and proves how enthusiastic your employees are about their work. 

Final Thoughts

Making the most out of your marketing funnel means adding the right type of video content to each stage of your customer journey. Now that the online world has opened up a whole host of marketing opportunities, there’s no need for B2B marketing to shy away from the creative approaches used by B2C marketers. From educational video content at the very beginning to rounding your funnel off with onboarding video content, video has the power to engage your clients at every part of your marketing strategy. 

We can make video work for you, not the other way around. With over 2000 videos, both animated and live-action, we can sort all of the logistics associated with your testimonial video, meaning no hassle or stress on your part. Still interested? Contact us to get our creative partnership started.


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